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3rd June 2011

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saw tim minchin tonight, it was fantastic! started with rock and roll nerd, which got interrupted near the beginning as latecomers in the balcony walked in front of the spolight that was on tim’s face. he was about to sing a part and began giggling about them walking in the light and told them the light wasn’t there by magic and he wasn’t phosphorescent.

two people meant to be sitting in the front row centre seats never showed up, and he told us that if they did we should give them a standing ovation.

he also announced after some people started shouting requests that it wasn’t democracy, he was a benevolent dictator, then started going off on the word dictator (dick tater) and gave us the term cockspud.

also, after performing the poem storm (which i totally didn’t expect, and was amazing) at the mic stand, he walked back to his piano, put his wine glass down, and played the outro to storm, started a new song, went to sing and only then noticed he’d left the mic in the stand. he walked shamefacedly up to the mic while we laughed and cheered, grabbed the mic, and kicked the stand over.

great night all round :D

oh! and “and iiiiiiii will always looove boooooooobs!”

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